What does a Physiotherapist actually do?

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So, What does a Physiotherapist actually do?

Have you ever been injured or found yourself in pain and wondered who you should see first? Should it be the doctor, the chiropractor or the physiotherapist?
Whether it was your mum, a friend or Google that led you to your physio booking, you may still be asking yourself the question- what does a physiotherapist actually do?

Physiotherapist and industry leader Nick Schuster explains that the definition of the physio profession is not well described, with the tendency to use complicated terminology causing confusion for patients. In his book ‘Becoming the Ultimate Physio’ Schuster shares his preferred definition:

A physio is a pain and movement expert. Your physio will find out why you are in pain, help you get rid of your pain as quickly as possible, get you moving again, and get you back to doing the things you enjoy.

Simple right? A physio’s goal is to relieve your pain and get you back to living life- whether it is coming back from surgery, returning to your beloved sport or simply helping with that sore neck you woke up with.

To do so, physios will do a health history check and thorough physical assessment to develop a treatment plan tailored for you. They can use a range of treatment tools including exercises, stretches, ultrasound, massage, mobilisations, dry needling… (the list goes on! it will all depend on your injury and symptoms).

So next time you are in pain- seek help from a physiotherapist!

Written by Alexane Escot

Physio assessment, Thoracic Rotation, Golf Screening

Physio assessment, Thoracic Rotation,
Golf Screening