Scott Fawcett | Physiotherapist & Director

To introduce myself to those who don’t know me, my name is Scott Fawcett. I am a Physiotherapist, business owner, surfer and creative from the Gold Coast. In 2004, I graduated with a double degree in Physiotherapy and Exercise Science from Griffith University on the Gold Coast.

Knowing the direction I wanted to take with high performance medicine I began work immediately for one of the top Sports Medicine Clinics on the Gold Coast. Under close guidance and education I had the opportunity to treat world-class athletes on a daily basis from a variety of sports. Also including physio management for the Quiksilver Pro, Boost Mobile Pro, Stubbies International, Brothers Neilsen Pro Junior and Kirra Teams Challenge Surfing events.

After 3 and half years I was ready for my next career challenge and realisation of a vision I had from an early age. The challenge of creating and developing my own wellness studio, leading a team of allied health professionals to provide exceptional levels of customer care and professional treatment.

In 2007 Raw Therapies was born. By definition “Raw Therapies” means “ A curative power in its natural state”. From its humble beginnings as a single physio inside a single treatment room inside a gym it has developed into the wellness studio we see today. A warm, raw, inviting studio housing physiotherapists, remedial Massage therapists, Pilates/Yoga instructors, Acupuncturists, Exercise Physiologists and a Podiatrist all providing exceptional holistic care to the local, national and international clientele. I’ve thrived on the challenge of team leadership and business development all the while servicing my ever growing clients or what I like to call my Raw Ambassador’s.

My initial interest in physiotherapy stemmed from my competitive swimming background. Training and competing at a national level allowed me to understand the need for science in sport and the role a physiotherapist plays in the life of an athlete. From these early days my life experiences was steering me towards a physiotherapy career.

In many aspects of life, knowledge provides power and is the key reason education is a huge part of my treatment. The more my clients understand about their own body and the condition they are dealing with the faster they recover and the less likely they will be a detriment to their rehabilitation plan. From here I work predominantly with a hands on approach and progressive exercise/rehab program specific to the condition. I have a specific interest in treating shoulder injuries, headaches and neck pain but all in all I love what I do and I get great pleasure out of helping others achieve their health goals. I look forward to looking after you soon.

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