Remedial Massage on the Gold Coast

Raw Therapies offers a diverse range of Massage Therapies. Each treatment is tailored to suit your needs and specific areas in which you want to concentrate on.

  • Relaxation massage designed to soothe those tired and aching muscles, inducing a state of relaxation. Ideal to help unwind after a strenuous day.
  • Deep tissue massage more intense than a relaxation massage aiming to get to those deep set muscle aches and pains releasing all the stress that has been building for a while.
  • Remedial massage aimed more at injury treatment and prevention, remedial massage focuses on a smaller area of the body aiming to maximise recovery.
  • Sports massage pre and post event massage can be aimed at loosening the body and increasing your range of motion to maximise your results, or it can be used to minimise your recovery time, helping the body overcome the rigors of the event.
  • Pregnancy massage performed by a therapist with specialist training in the pregnant and postnatal body. Recommended to ease some of the aches and pains caused by the pressures of pregnancy. Correct pillow placements are fitted for your extra comfort.

Meet our Massage Therapist Adrian Peterson and Fay Lakkis