10 Reasons Why You Need To Start Reformer Pilates

reformer pilates Broadbeach

It’s nearly impossible not to feel amazing after a Reformer Class! Each session is tailored to improve your body. One-on-one attention, your instructor encouraging and guiding you through your Pilates Reformer Program. If you are considering a new direction in fitness and exercise, Pilates has been proven to improve not only your body, but your well-being. So if you are aimed towards achieving holistic improvement, this is the activity you need to try.
So what makes Pilates Reformer special?

1. Long Lean Muscles – Pilates Reformer Exercises are a precise form of exercise. The controlled and full range of motions in Reformer Pilates creates that long and lean body. Designed to strengthen your core muscles, lengthen your spine and increase your body awareness.

2. Good for the joints – The Reformer classes are non-aerobic, these low impact exercises are designed to lengthen and strengthen muscles without stressing the joints. Using your own weight and resistance, the fluid movement is perfectly suitable for all ages and abilities.

3. Increases flexibility – The Reformer allows for deep stretches, which increases flexibility and furthermore allows you to move more freely and easily.

4. Tones the abs and improves the back! – One of the best things is the core strength you develop on a Reformer, and as a result back muscles strengthen, improving imbalances around the spine and correcting weakness in the core.

5. Injury Prevention & Recovery – Body control is a focus on the Reformer, it is not about how many reps you do, but rather doing it in proper form to achieve safe and effective results. Improved body mechanics using the Reformer not only helps the recovery process from an injury but also prevents injuries occurring.

6. Improves the mind and the body – The Pilates Reformer has so many benefits for the body and also the mind… a balance, a focus, a connection, peaceful mind when everything is working as one.

7. Burns calories – The Reformer is a form of resistance training, and it has been proven to improve the metabolism.

8. Improves posture – It significantly helps improve your posture by ironing out any imbalances in your body and creating that deep core strength from within, therefore making you stand taller, leaner, prouder.

9. Teaches you how to breathe properly – Exercising on the Reformer will teach you how to truly connect with your body.  The focused inhaling and exhaling initiates motion in each exercise teaching you how to breate correctly and connecting your abdominals with each breath.

10. Boost your performance in sport – Want to run faster, improve your skill for your sport? Reformer Pilates is improves so many aspects of your body that increases power, endurance, range of motion, that athletes require in their sport.

Pilates is designed for women and men of all ages.