Angie Kirby | Practice Manager

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My earlier life, schooling and sporting experiences shaped an attitude of commitment in pursuits of goals. I discovered from a young age that determination helps create dreams, and in order to live the life you imagine, you need to pursue your passions in order to succeed! So after finishing College and completing various business qualifications at 21, I moved to London and embarked on a worldly and professional journey gaining skills and business experience in global companies across various industries.

Why did you join RAW?

In 2009 I was approached by Raw Therapies in its infancy to join as their first employee, and soon cast my eye upon a meaningful career as Practice Manager. Six years on and having completed a Diploma in Business Management, I continue to be a part of the Raw team. Altruistic and caring in nature, I have a genuine ability to intuit the needs and wants of the business and to recognise individual motivations to smoothly lead a team of professionals.

What do you love about your position at RAW?

Combining my passion for people, interest in health and wellness and developing best practice systems, I love the diversity of planning, creating and implementing processes. I genuinely care for our patients and continually revising and reviewing our progress as we grow the business. I thrive on supporting our practitioners and love being accountable for a multitude of responsibilities.

Favourite Quote: “If the mind can conceive and believe – it can achieve.”